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Handbook of Disaster Risk Reduction for Resilience

New Frameworks for Building Resilience to Disasters

Editors: Eslamian, Saeid, Eslamian, Faezeh (Eds.)

Discusses how to measure and build disaster resilience at society’s capacity.

Outlines the key indicators of disaster resilience and how communities can target them.

Provides the available resources and techniques to build resilient communities.

This book is part of a six-volume series on Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience. The series aims to fill in gaps in theory and practice in the Sendai Framework, and provides additional resources, methodologies and communication strategies to enhance the plan for action and targets proposed by the Sendai Framework. The series will appeal to a broad range of researchers, academics, students, policy makers and practitioners in engineering, environmental science and geography, geoscience, emergency management, finance, community adaptation, atmospheric science and information technology. 

This volume discusses how to measure and build disaster resilience at society’s capacity, drawing upon individual, institutional and collective resources to cope with and adapt to the demands and challenges of natural disaster occurrences. The book will serve as a guide, outlining the key indicators of disaster resilience in urban and rural settings, and the resources and strategies needed to build resilient communities in accordance with the targets of the Sendai Framework. Readers will learn about multi-risk reduction approaches using computational methods, data mining techniques, and System Thinking at various scales, as well as institutional and infrastructure resilience strategies based on several case studies.

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  • Flood: Prediction and Control - Journal of Soil and Water Sciences (By Prof. Jahangir Abedi Koupai).
  • Building Socio-Hydrological Resilience, Special Issue, Journal of Hydrology, Elsevier, Netherlands (By Prof. Saeid Eslamian).


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